Teachers who are excellent in classrooms have struggled on the new stage

News 18 logoTeachers are incorporating digital tools such as Kahoot! to facilitate learning

Online Classes were the quintessential no-go zone for almost all higher education institutions in India until Covid-19 struck. This medium was largely restricted to distance learning programs or new age Education Technology start-ups who have been trying to disrupt the for-profit education and training landscape. With the pandemic, Higher Educational institutions were left with no option but to transition online almost overnight. With the nature of the current lockdown, remote learning has become the (temporary?) norm across the entire value chain of learning including K-12 schools. My daughter who is currently in Kindergarten now has online classes everyday albeit for an hour with a 30 min break in the middle. Who could have foreseen this scenario?

Over time, faculty could start incorporating more digital learning tools such as Mentimeter, Kahoot, Edmodo, Padlet, Socrative and Visme. As in the physical world, let your personality reflect in the online medium too. The initial days of online cacophony, muting, unmuting, background noise of all denominations would steadily lead to a tango of engagement and mutual respect for learning.

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