Teaching in the age of coronavirus: “week 7: reaching out”

PBS News hour logo Kahoot! quiz helps NYC teacher make online classes fun, social, and effective.

“I worry about my students every day. Especially the ones who have not uploaded homework in the past week. In the beginning of the week, I sent each one of those students an email just asking how they were doing. I did not even mention the missing homework in the message.”

“Since I noticed that students were feeling overwhelmed by the workload, I decided to try out Kahoot for review towards the end of the week. It was a hit! After each question, I was able to get immediate data to see what content still needed to be reviewed. Even though the test is open notes and one essay, I figured it will not hurt to have students memorize as much content as possible. Plus, they needed some fun. Also, playing the Kahoot! game with my students was another way to reach out and connect with them.”

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