Texans coordinators navigate virtual offseason with ‘no excuses’ approach

ESPN logoKahoot! keeps Houston Texans’ at-home training on track for the offseason

Earlier in the offseason, O’Brien promoted Weaver from defensive line coach to defensive coordinator and handed over playcalling responsibilities to offensive coordinator Tim Kelly.

Entering an important period in O’Brien’s tenure with the Texans — he also serves as the team’s general manager — Weaver and Kelly are getting creative in making things work.

“It’s been an adjustment for all of us, but I think Coach Weave has handled it great,” Thomas said. “He’s been very open about, ‘Hey, look, we’re all adjusting to this but there’s no excuses for it. We’re all going to make these adjustments. We expect y’all to still learn it. We expect y’all to be engaging [and] speak with each other when we’re on here.’”For Weaver, the key to keeping the offseason on track is trying “to keep things as we would if we were in the stadium.”

“He allows us to clown around like we’re still in the locker room and still in the team meetings, to get on each other and hold each other accountable,” Thomas said. “We even do quizzes on an app called Kahoot! to make sure like, ‘OK guys, we’re going to see right now in front of everybody who knows it, who knows their information.’ He keeps it fun, he keeps it fresh. It’s been a great experience.

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