The best apps for teachers and educators

Yahoo! FinanceKahoot! makes it easy for teachers to gamify their online classes.

Educational apps allow students to have access to invaluable resources and learning materials on laptops and mobile devices.

One benefit of these types of apps is that they can keep students connected to the classroom, even while they’re away from school.

From additional resources to ways to assist in remote learning, there’s no shortage of options. If you’re a teacher who wants to make use of these apps, check out the best of the best.

Teachers love to turn a boring lesson into a game to motivate their students, but not everyone has the skills to make a game from scratch. Thankfully, the GetKahoot website makes it easy to turn your class into a gameshow. All you have to do is enter your prepared questions and answers into the site to create an instantly playable game. Your students can then download the Kahoot app to use as a buzzer to join in on the fun. Start off with simple tasks on your home screen and view your key stats in your Profile area.

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