The best educational apps to stay sharp throughout the school year

MSN logoKahoot! offers customizable learning fun for the new academic year

Soon it’ll be time to put away the flip flops and take out those pencils and calculators once more as we begin another academic year. Of course, this semester is bound to look a little different than the past, with an even heavier emphasis than usual on digital tools like Google Classroom and Zoom. But you don’t just have to lean on whatever programs and books your school assigns you — there’s a plethora of apps and services that can engage you further at your own pace.


Once you’ve loaded up your brain with knowledge, you might want to see how much you retained. In school, that’s what quizzes and exams are for, but outside class you can do something a little more fun. With Kahoot! you can create multiple choice quizzes for your players to answer from their device. It’s similar to Jackbox Games, except it can be customized for any situation, from study groups boning up for a big test to acting as an icebreaker for classrooms and teams.

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