The best learning apps for stir-crazy kids

Irish times logoKahoot! recommended to help students stay engaged and learning from home

Here are some of the best learning apps out there. They are designed with children in mind and are structured in a way that allows them to navigate activities independently.

This game-based app is a real winner. Often used in classrooms as a fun assessment tool, many students will already be familiar with how to use it. The classroom Kahoot! encouraged speed and maximised fun and engagement – but the remote aspect has shifted the focus to accuracy, with students playing at home at their own pace while still maintaining the fun and engagement.

Teachers can set multiple choice questions based on topics covered and the app converts it to an interactive quiz. Students can also create their own quizzes. Teachers have uploaded a bank of quizzes that can be accessed by any user – so you don’t have to be assigned a quiz to use the app.

It sounds very simple – but it is the simplicity of the app that keeps it engaging. Once you’ve played one kahoot you’ll play a hundred.

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