This guy came out to his parents during family game night in the most ingenious way and if it doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, nothing will

Pink News logoViral video shows young man sharing a heartwarming moment with his family at Kahoot! trivia night

Brennan Gregg took to TikTok Wednesday morning (July 1) to show the ingenious way he told his loved ones that he’s gay.

The 22-year-old Harvard graduate set-up a quiz night on Kahoot!, in which ones of the questions was “Is Brennan gay?”.

“So, I decided to come out to my parents in a Kahoot quiz,” he wrote with the camera cutting to the family lounging around the living room, a cross-legged Gregg changing the question.

The video tallied more than 81,000 likes as thousands congratulated Gregg on coming out in such a creative way, and celebrating how positively his parents responded.

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