Top tips for designing online classroom exercises

SF Weekly logoKahoot! keeps students engaged and having fun while distance learning

Navigating the uncharted waters and ever-shifting sands of today’s academic environment is causing current and future educators and instructional designers to seek out innovative ways to address what may be new models of learning for students no longer in the classroom.

Tech tools to incorporate in the virtual classroom include Google Classroom and Google Classroom Question; free 10-minute classroom videos courtesy of Spark 101 featuring a variety of STEM topics; Padlet;, an online whiteboard that allows users to mark up websites, graphics and photos or can be used as a blank canvas;;;; CNN 5 in Five; and Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to host games live via videoconferencing or send self-paced games to connect with long-distance learners to encourage engagement in a fun, educational manner.

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