Transcripts: Ravens Tuesday conference call transcripts

Baltimore Ravens logoBaltimore Ravens keep their training sharp with Kahoot! quiz competitions

When S Geno Stone got picked, everybody talked about his football IQ. Is there a way that you can see that over these virtual meetings? Or is that not something that you can see until you get on the field? Can you draw a comparison, maybe, between he and a guy like S Chuck Clark? Another late-round safety who, again, is praised for his football IQ and his intelligence? (Andrew Gillis)

“Yes, I think that you go through the interview process, and when he was in college there at Iowa, our staff said that. We also came up with some innovative tools through Zoom that just confirms what we thought. We have quizzes. We have quiz competitions. We have fun games for them; Jeopardy and Family Feud and Kahoot!, and these different types of games where you can see he’s quick, and he answers.”

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