What are we learning from the world’s big edtech experiment?

Sifted logoWith 80% of the world’s student population out of school, remote learning providers such as Kahoot! are facing their biggest test.

Over the last few weeks, the biggest learning experiment in living memory began, as schools around the world closed and students moved en mass to study online at home. UNESCO, the United Nations education agency, estimates that now 91% of the world’s students have been affected by school closures.

Parents, struggling with the challenge of homeschooling, may be tearing their hair out, but for edtech companies, this is the big chance to show what they can do. Kahoot!, the Norwegian educational games app, meanwhile, has gained another new user base: companies. Big companies already used Kahoot! for events and training, says chief executive Eilert Hanoa, but now are using it even more in areas such as onboarding people or even just building motivation.

Kahoot! revenues increased 220% in the first quarter

Overall, says Hanoa, Kahoot! has seen a spike in remote learning usage, around five to six times normal levels. The company has been adding 100k new users a day in the recent period, and invoiced revenue increased 220% year-on-year to $6.4m in the first quarter of this year.

Kahoot! is now reorienting some of its development work to prioritise bringing out self-study features — and is one of the European startups still hiring.

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