Why you’re putting on weight in lockdown

The Evening Standard logoStaying social with Kahoot! can help you stay healthy during lockdown.

Almost half of Brits (47 per cent) say they have put on weight since lockdown began in March, with more than 16 per cent gaining five pounds or more in the first six weeks. Research carried out through OnePoll of 2,000 UK adults identified the top 10 reasons for weight gain during lockdown, which included less physical activity and more indulgent food choices.

If you’re concerned about the impact weight gain is having on your health and wellbeing, nutritionist and weight loss expert Kim Pearson shares with us how to establish a healthy relationship with food as lockdown life continues.

While you may no longer need to worry about temptations on restaurant dessert menus, not having regular contact with friends and family can lead to loneliness which in turn can trigger comfort eating. How about bringing the social element back into your life by organising a Zoom brunch or Kahoot! quiz?

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