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The Kahoot! Holiday Family Survey 2020: Families opt for video calls, online games and more to celebrate an unprecedented holiday season

The company surveyed over 6,000 Kahoot! users in the U.S. on their plans for this year’s unique holiday season

Austin, Texas (December 15, 2020)Kahoot!, the global learning platform company, today published the findings of the Kahoot! Holiday Family Survey, delivering insights into how families across the U.S. are finding new ways of celebrating the holidays this year in light of COVID-19. Kahoot! has been used by more than one billion participating players from over 200 countries in the last year.

“COVID-19 has made it challenging for people to celebrate this holiday season with loved ones, but families are discovering new ways of connecting and having fun together while staying safe, whether in-person or virtually,” said Sean D’Arcy, Vice President, Kahoot! at school and home. “This survey offers insight into how families are rethinking their holiday plans in this unprecedented year.”

Key findings of the Kahoot! Holiday Family Survey include:

Holiday plans are looking different this year, with over half of families reducing celebrations

For families who usually get together with extended family, relatives or friends to celebrate the season, this year’s plans are set for a significant change. When asked how they plan to celebrate the holiday season this year, nearly 6 in 10 of survey respondents said they plan to reduce celebrations to some extent, with over 4 in 10 saying they are greatly reducing or canceling celebrations completely.

Most families will be spending the holidays only with their immediate family members, but more than one third still plan to connect with other relatives

With the need for social distancing, many people are keeping in-person holiday celebrations within households. Over half of survey respondents said that this year’s holiday festivities will be time spent with immediate family only, including spouse, children and parents. However, more than one third of those surveyed reported that they plan to celebrate with their extended family and/or friends.

Almost half of families said they would connect with family and friends over video calls for the holidays this year

As many families avoid in-person gatherings and plan to stay home for the holidays, people are finding new ways to spend time with their loved ones safely during this extraordinary holiday season. With many people expecting to connect in multiple ways, nearly half of responses were plans to use video calls, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and FaceTime.

More than half of families plan to celebrate the holidays this year by playing online games, and good food is the star of the festivities

When asked about the social activities they have in store for their holiday celebrations, enjoying good food remains the top activity that brings families and friends together, with over 6 in 10 respondents naming it as part of their holiday celebrations. Over half of those surveyed also said they plan to play online games, such as trivia, as a way to connect and have fun socially this season.

Over 8 in 10 parents of young children feel it’s important to support their child’s learning at home

As many schools across the U.S. are still operating through distance learning or a blend of virtual and in-person lessons, learning at home has become more important than ever. Among parents surveyed who have children aged 13 or younger, over 8 in 10 said they believe it’s important to support their child’s education with learning at home, with nearly two thirds describing it as very important.

Kids are spending most of their screen time on YouTube, but 4 in 10 parents say their kids spend time on learning apps

Technology and digital content has become a greater part of children’s lives in recent years, and the shift to remote learning has made it key to supporting education at home. When asked how their children spend their screen time, most parents with children aged 13 or younger said their kids spend time on YouTube and social media. However, 4 in 10 respondents also named learning apps as a way their children are spending their screen time, showing it as more common than games or other apps, which were chosen by 3 in 10 respondents.

These findings are based on a global survey of 6,496 U.S. users on the Kahoot! platform in November 2020. Survey findings can be seen in infographic format here.

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