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Kahoot! Poio Read the acclaimed game app that helps children to learn how to read through play, is now available in German and Italian

By supporting Kahoot! Poio Read in two new native languages, more parents can help their children grow in confidence with their reading skills, and prepare them to become best in class before going back to school during summer break. 

Kahoot! Poio Read available in German and Italian

Oslo, Norway (June 9, 2021): Kahoot!, the global learning platform company, today announced its intuitive, and immersive game app Kahoot! Poio Read, designed to help children to learn how to read by playing, is now available to download in German and Italian.

Kahoot! Poio Read is an acclaimed mobile app game mainly used by parents at home, but also commonly used in preschools, primary schools and kindergartens as an introduction for children to literacy.

The goal of the game is to give children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old a unique and playful approach to understand how reading works. The game uses the phonics method—the repetitive practice of letter sounds—which can then be blended together to form complete words. This method is widely used to introduce learners to the fundamental principles of reading.

“Kahoot! Poio Read is great for children who want to boost their reading skills while having fun in the process”, said Eilert Hanoa, CEO at Kahoot! “Our goal is to support and localize Kahoot! Poio Read in as many languages as we can, so that more children around the world can discover the joy of reading with an app that adapts to their learning pace and encourages them to keep improving their reading skills.”

How Deacon (5) became best in his class from DragonBox on Vimeo.

Bringing the magic of reading to learners around the world

With Kahoot! Poio Read, children are encouraged to engage and explore an immersive fantasy world, packed with letters and words, unraveling the story on their own and at their own pace. The game is designed to spark their curiosity and motivate children to keep learning, as it adapts to the individual learning skills of each player.

Starting today, more parents in Germany and Italy can encourage their children to grow in confidence with their reading skills, and prepare them to become best in class prior to going back to school during the summer break. By adding support in two new languages, Kahoot! Poio Read is also enriching the experience of learning how to read by providing children with fun and engaging learning content in their native language.

Adapted with care for a better learning experience

The goal of the Kahoot! Poio Read game is to help a troll, named Poio, learn to read the storybook he has stolen from letter bugs (characters known as ‘readlings’) in a magical location called Straw Island.

The storybook in the game was originally written in Norwegian by the founder of Poio, Daniel Senn. It was translated into English by a professional English translator, and then re-written by the award-winning children’s author, Claire Barker. One of the main goals of Kahoot! Poio Read is for the child to complete the storybook and be capable and confident to read the story back to their parents, siblings, or anyone who they want to.

In order to translate and adapt the language into the story carefully, Kahoot! worked with a group of linguists and speech therapists in Italy and Germany who made lists of words based on their professional knowledge. These international linguists and university professors also provided advice on how to pronounce phonemes or phonics.

Engaging children with an award-winning app

Since its launch in 2017 in Scandinavia, Kahoot! Poio Read has helped more than 100,000 children to develop the necessary reading skills they need to achieve reading proficiency.

Kahoot! Poio Read is an award-winning application. In 2019, the app was chosen as the Gold Winner for Best Learning Game by the Learning Technologies Awards, and the Gold Award Winner for Apps and Software from ages of 5 to 8 by the Mom’s Choice Awards.

In 2020, Kahoot! Poio Read was shortlisted for Educational App of 2020, by Reimagine Education Awards, and it is highly recognized by Common Sense Education as a “Great Early Reading Resource” for children. Since April 2021, Kahoot! Poio Read has been featured by Apple as “Apps we love right now

Kahoot! Poio Read is now available for download in the Google Play Store and App Store and is part of the Kahoot!+ Family starting at $5USD per month, and Kahoot!+ Premier starting at $15 USD per month. For more information about prices, please visit

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