Kahoot! Pro

Sign up to Kahoot! Pro and start hosting engaging team meetings, delivering memorable presentations, and strengthening company culture – remotely or in-person – for up to 50 people.


Why sign up to Kahoot! Pro

Unlock advanced question types

Access a variety of advanced question types with Kahoot! Pro. Increase focus with puzzles, add context with slides, and boost interaction with polls.

Host kahoots for up to 50 people

Whether you’re hosting an interactive presentation for clients or running a fun quiz for colleagues, you can invite up to 50 participants with Kahoot! Pro.

Deliver memorable presentations

Create memorable presentations by combining Kahoot! slides with audience participation features like polls and multiple-choice questions.

Collaborate in a
team space

Save time by collaborating with colleagues in a secure team space where you can build an intuitive bank of easy-to-share kahoots within your organization.

Start a free trial
Start a free seven-day trial of Kahoot! Pro, and use the plan’s advanced question types and features to create engaging kahoots for up to 50 players.

Get the most out of Kahoot! Pro

Boost audience participation with polls

Did your kahoot hit the spot? Gather feedback and gauge opinions by adding interactive polls to your kahoot.

Give participants extra context

Add slides of information between questions to reinforce knowledge and allow participants to fully consume content.

Add advanced media options

Find the perfect picture for every slide and question in our premium image library, which features millions of images.

Get instant insights

View a detailed report after your kahoot, and discover key stats, feedback, and opinions from your participants.

Present live or assign self-paced challenges

Engage colleagues working from home by sharing your screen and presenting live. Alternatively, reach busy colleagues or those in other time zones by assigning self-paced challenges, which players complete asynchronously at a time that suits them best.