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Inappropriate content

We love our community! It’s home to people from all over the world who create millions of kahoots every year. To protect our community and our shared values, we do not tolerate inappropriate content of any kind. This page details what type of content is unacceptable and how our community can flag any offensive content they find.

Community guidelines

We’re on a mission to make learning awesome – and we work hard to maintain a safe and welcoming platform where anyone can come and learn while having fun. To achieve this, we ask you to avoid creating kahoots that violate our guidelines. We also ask you to remain vigilant, and flag any content you come across that may cause offense. We have a team of moderators in place to remove any offensive content they find and that our community flags.

What constitutes inappropriate content?

Kahoot! is used by millions of people around the world to learn about a whole host of topics. Over 60 million kahoots are currently available on our platform, and the vast majority have been created to educate and inspire. However, we do not pre-screen or monitor all content posted. Therefore, we ask our community to flag any kahoots – and not to create any kahoots – that violate our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to remove any kahoot that…

  • features illegal, threatening, defamatory, abusive, harassing, degrading, intimidating, fraudulent, deceptive, invasive, or racist content
  • uses any suggestive, inappropriate, or explicit language
  • infringes on any trademark, patent, trade secret, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party
  • uses unauthorized or unsolicited advertising
  • impersonates any person or entity, including any Kahoot! AS employee or representative

How to flag inappropriate content?

If you see a kahoot that violates the above guidelines, we ask that you flag it so our team of moderators can review and remove it from our site. There are two places where you can flag a kahoot, the search results page and the details page.

Search results

After searching for a kahoot, you’ll see a list of games matching your search term. You can use the three vertical dots to the right of any kahoot to access the flag option. After selecting the flag option, tell us if it’s offensive, abusive, or misleading.


Details page

Before you host a kahoot, you’ll see a page that provides an overview of the game. If you find the kahoot inappropriate, use the three vertical dots in the description section to access the flag option. Then, tell us if it’s offensive, abusive, or misleading.


What happens after I flag a kahoot?

When you flag a kahoot as inappropriate, you’ll be asked to provide a description of why this kahoot should be removed. Please be as detailed as possible. Once you’ve submitted your report, one of our moderators will review the kahoot within the next 24 hours. If a moderator agrees that the kahoot violates our terms, the creator will be notified that the kahoot is now ‘quarantined.’ As such, the creator can only edit the kahoot – it will no longer be available to the public. If the creator modifies the kahoot to a state we believe is appropriate, the kahoot will be approved for public access. If a moderator does not believe the flagged kahoot violates our terms to begin with, the kahoot will remain public.


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