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EDU Spring Meetup for Teachers

Gamify student-led learning this review season!


Watch on-demand

Spring ahead with Kahoot!
Game modes deep dive
Inspiring learners of all ages and backgrounds with Kahoot! game modes
Panel discussion: Empowering a neurodiverse classroom
The long-lasting impact of a classroom Kahoot!


12:00pm PST / 3:00pm EST / 8:00pm CET


Nicholas Ferroni (teacher) and Hannah Harris (Kahoot! Community Manager )


12:05pm PST / 3:05pm EST / 8:05pm CET

Spring ahead with Kahoot!

Sean D’Arcy (VP Kahoot! at School), Alex Remen (Product Director, Kahoot!), Meira (Dragonbox), Sebastian Laxell (


12:45pm PST / 3:45pm EST / 8:45pm CET

Gamify classroom engagement with Kahoot!

Padraic Woods (Product Director, Kahoot!), Louisa Rosenheck (Director of Pedagogy, Kahoot!) & Steve Sherman (Kahoot! Ambassador)

1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST / 9:00pm CET

K!offee kahoot

Alwin Reclusado (Kahoot! Ambassador)


1:15pm PST / 4:15pm EST / 9:15pm CET

Inspire learners of all ages with Kahoot! game modes

Charles Rogers (Kahoot! Ambassador)


1:45pm PST / 4:45pm EST / 9:45pm CET

Panel discussion: Empowering a neurodiverse classroom

Moderated by Louisa Rosenheck

2:30pm PST / 5:30pm EST / 10:30pm CET

The long-lasting impact of a classroom Kahoot!

Holly Prine, teacher

2:45pm PST / 5:45pm EST / 10:45pm CET

K!offee kahoot

Gina Ruffcorn (Kahoot! Ambassador)


Frequently asked questions

Is Kahoot! EDU Meetup free to attend?

Yes, simply register using the form above and follow the instructions in your registration confirmation email!

When does the event start in my time zone?

The event will start at 12pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on March 22. Go to this website if you’re not sure what time it will be in your time zone.

Here’s the start time in some other time zones:
Central Daylight Time (CDT): 2:00pm (Central U.S., Mexico, Latin America)
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 3:00pm(Eastern U.S., Peru, Colombia)
Western European Summer Time (GMT+1): 8:00pm (The UK, Ireland, and Portugal)
Central European Summer Time (GMT+2): 9:00pm (Most of the E.U.)
Malaysia (GMT+8): 3:00am
Sydney, Australia (GMT + 10): 5:00am

If you cannot attend the live event, the event will be recorded!

I’ve registered for the Meetup, how do I join the actual event?

We’re excited for you to join us at the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup!

The Meetup will be streamed on the event registration page. You will receive reminder emails the day before and an hour before the Meetup with a direct link to the stream.

Don’t forget to check your spam folder if you cannot locate those emails! 

If you have any questions, you can contact us at

I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend. Will this be recorded?

This event will be recorded and shared with those who register through the link in your registration confirmation email.

Will I get a certificate confirming I participated in this event? When?

You will receive a certificate confirming that you have participated in our event that qualifies you for professional development credits!

Can I use the certificate to claim Professional Development credits?

Yes, your certificate is proof of attendance to our event that qualifies you for professional development credits!