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Kahoot! EDU Summit 2021

Prepare a future-proof plan for coming back to class

Thank you for an awesome Kahoot! EDU Summit 2021! More recordings are coming soon.

Back to school, back to classroom: Get your Kahoot! toolkit ready!
"Wow” your students and expand your educator network with Kahoot! Academy
Panel discussion: Lifelong learning
Rebel Girls Rock!: Liven up your lessons with stories of women
Engage! Excite! Expand your digital toolkit with Leslie Fisher!
Elevate engaging learning at your school or district
Content is Queen: Supercharge educators and learners with Kahoot! Academy
Meet Clever, the platform that unlocks new ways to learn for all students
Connect with Kahoot!
Kick-start a new school year through app-smashing
Apple +Kahoot!: What's new in education
What's new with Google for Education
The science of game-based learning
Panel discussion: The future of digital instruction
Highlights from the live kahoots!
Day 1 of the Kahoot! EDU Summit

9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT

Let’s kick-off the Kahoot! EDU Summit 2021!

With your host, Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski is a 23 year old Filipina-Polish Canadian inventor, global keynote speaker, and aspiring writer. She is best known for her invention of the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand. Ann has given 5 TEDx talks and is one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30.

9:10am PDT/12:10pm EDT

Back to school, back to classroom: Get your Kahoot! toolkit ready!

Sean D’Arcy, Kahoot!

Sean D’Arcy, VP Kahoot! at school, will walk you through the most exciting Kahoot! updates, introduce you to innovative learning apps, demo our latest integrations, and give you a sneak peek into what’s coming for back-to-school. With these tools for interactive teaching, content creation, engagement and assessment, you’ll be all set to prepare your awesome toolkit for coming back to the classroom!

This session will be particularly relevant for educators of all levels and students but we highly encourage technology specialists and school leaders to tune in too!

9:40am PDT/12:40pm EDT

Activate and “wow” your students, and expand your educator network with Kahoot! Academy

Agnete Pedersen, Kahoot! Academy

In this session, you’ll learn how to find high-quality, ready-to-use kahoots and lessons in Kahoot! Academy’s library of learning content, and how to connect with thousands of other educators and publishers from around the world. You’ll also get an exclusive preview of Kahoot! Academy Marketplace that will be launched later this year.

10:00am PDT/1:00pm EDT

K!offee kahoot

Goh Kok Ming & Yu Kok Hui

Play a kahoot and win prizes with the Kahoot! ambassadors from Malaysia, Goh Kok Ming & Yu Kok Hui.

10:15am PDT/1:15pm EDT

Panel discussion: Lifelong learning

Host: Natasha Mascarenhas, TechCrunch
Panelists: Carol Salva, Pedro Civera and Gina Ruffcorn

How to foster and scale lifelong learning? TechCrunch’s Natasha Mascarenhas will host a thought-provoking panel discussion with rock star educators Carol Salva, Pedro Civera, and Gina Ruffocrn.

10:45am PDT/1:45pm EDT

Inspiring Imagination in Disney Parks

Luc Mayrand & Charles Thomas, Disney Imagination Campus

As you prepare to go back to the classroom this school year, we want to inspire the use of imagination! We know imagination is important to developing a student’s creative problem solving skills, and at Disney, imagination drives everything we do. Join Luc Mayrand, Portfolio Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, to learn about Imagineering’s storied blue-sky process and where our ideas come from. Along the way, you’ll see how Disney Parks are among the greatest laboratories in the world – not only for Imagineers, but also for students! We believe that imagination and creativity should be part of every student’s educational experience, and our vision is to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers (and the next)!

11:15am PDT/2:15pm EDT

Rebel Girls Rock!: Liven Up Your Lessons with Stories of Diverse and Extraordinary Women

Jes Wolfe & Sarah Parvis

With books, a podcast, and app and more, Rebel Girls spotlights stories of incredible women from diverse backgrounds, different countries, and time periods all throughout history. Explore Rebel Girls resources and be inspired to weave these exciting stories of real-life women—both well-known and new-to-many—into lessons throughout the year.

11:45am PDT/2:45pm EDT

K!offee kahoot

Fran García

Play a kahoot with Kahoot! ambassador from Spain, Fran García!

12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EDT

Engage! Excite! Expand your digital toolkit with Leslie Fisher!

Leslie Fisher

EdTech hero Leslie Fisher is here to show you some cool tools that can transform the way you teach and engage your students. Participate in live, interactive demos and get inspired for the upcoming school year!

1:00pm PDT/4:00pm EDT

Let loose with Kahoot!

Steve Sherman

We’ll wrap up the event with a big kahoot! Kick back and relax with a live game hosted by Steve Sherman, one of our enthusiastic Kahoot! ambassadors. Get a chance to win one of our amazing prizes!

Day 2 of the Kahoot! EDU Summit

8:45am PDT/11:45pm EDT

Welcome to Day 2 of the Kahoot! EDU Summit!

With your host, Dr. Quentin Lee

Dr. Quentin J. Lee has been employed with the Talladega County School system for the last 14 years and is currently the Principal of Childersburg High School. He is passionate about education and giving back to his community. He created the viral “Can’t touch this” music video parody.

9:00am PDT/12:10pm EDT

Elevate engaging learning at your school or district: A back to school toolkit with Kahoot! EDU

Sean D’Arcy, Kahoot!

Sean D’Arcy, VP Kahoot! at school, will introduce you to Kahoot! products, new features and integrations that will help admins prepare a versatile classroom toolkit and scale it to their entire school or district. Hear more about Kahoot! EDU, our offering with a site license for schools and districts, discover our new tools to plan lessons and manage classes, learn how to power up students’ creative skills and how to engage your staff with interactive professional development.

This session will be particularly relevant for technology specialists, admins, school and district leaders. Teachers, make sure you let your school’s admins know about it!

9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT

Content is Queen: How to supercharge educators and learners in the new school year with Kahoot! Academy

Agnete Pedersen, Kahoot! Academy

In this session, you’ll get a deep dive into Kahoot! Academy and learn how to make the most of its library of learning content in the upcoming school year. Discover kahoots and lessons focused on social and emotional learning and development of 21st century skills in learners of all ages.

9:45am PDT/12:45pm EDT

Meet Clever, the platform that unlocks new ways to learn for all students

Dan Carroll, Clever

The team at Clever believes that technology is a powerful lever to make learning more engaging, give educators superpowers, and advance educational equity. Learn how Clever simplifies access to digital learning, why millions of teachers love it, and what’s coming in the future.

10:15am PDT/1:15pm EDT

K!offee kahoot

Mohammed Abo Hassan

Play a kahoot with Kahoot! ambassador and Kahoot! Academy Verified educator from Egypt, Mohammed Abo Hassan!

10:30am PDT/1:30pm EDT

Connect with Kahoot!

Terri Brungardt & Amy Hawkins-Keeler, Widefield School District in Colorado

Join Terri Brungardt and Amy Hawkins-Keeler from Widefield School District 3 in Colorado to learn how they connected hundreds of educators across their district with Kahoot! EDU and boosted collaboration. Plus, play a fun kahoot with member of the K!rew Sydney Jones to win some prizes!

11:00am PDT/2:00pm EDT

Kick-start a new school year through app-smashing with Microsoft Teams, Kahoot!, Flipgrid and Wakelet.

Sonja Delafosse & Steve Auslander

Over the years, Microsoft and Kahoot! have partnered together to support engaging classroom experiences for your students. Sonja Delafosse, Educator Programs Strategy Leader for Microsoft will share about incredible new features in PowerPoint and how to take advantage of the Read Aloud feature for emerging readers and the importance of educator communities to support your learning journey. Then, the incredible Steve Auslander, Kahoot! Ambassador and MIE Expert will showcase an incredible lesson that combines the power of multiple apps to help your students connect and learn about each other at the start of a new school year!

Download their presentation slides.

11:20am PDT/2:20pm EDT

What’s New with Google for Education

Danieta Morgan

Come join your Google team to learn what’s new around our different offerings and have an opportunity to speak directly with members of the Google Classroom team.

11:40pm PDT/2:40pm EDT

Apple +Kahoot!: What’s New in Education

Kady Robb

Join our friends at Apple to learn about exciting updates to their apps for teaching and learning, including a live demo of how to use Kahoot! with Classroom. Plus, hear more about Apple’s free professional learning program, Apple Teacher.

12:00pm PDT/3:00pm EDT

K!offee kahoot

Diana Mancuso

Play a kahoot with Kahoot! ambassador from Canada, Diana Mancuso! This is another change to win Kahoot! swag?

12:15pm PDT/3:15pm EDT

The science of game-based learning: Research-proven effects and tips

Alf Inge Wang

Dr. Alf Inge Wang, Professor in Game Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Kahoot! co-founder, will take you on a deep dive into the pedagogy of game-based learning. He’ll share highlights from research looking into the impact of game-based methods on aspects such as classroom dynamics, student attitudes, attendance and academic performance. In the demo part of the session, he’ll share his best practices for creating kahoots that activate higher order thinking.

This session will be relevant for educators of all levels, particularly in higher education, and administrators interested in research-backed analysis of the impact Kahoot! makes on learning.

12:45pm PDT/3:45pm EDT

Panel discussion: The future of digital instruction

Host: Kevin Hogan, EdTech Today
Panelists: Daniel Gohl, Emily Dillard, and Vicki Davis

The past year has shown educators nationwide how employing technology can unleash student creativity and help teachers meet students where they are – but how will our digital learning experience elevate classroom instruction in the fall? Join us for a conversation with educators and experts on the new ways that technology fuels teaching and learning now. Kevin Hogan will host this engaging panel that will feature Daniel Gohl, Emily Dillard, and Vicki Davis.

1:15pm PDT/4:15pm EDT

The ultimate kahoot

Quentin Lee

That’s a wrap on the Kahoot! EDU Summit 2021! We hope you’ve been paying attention to Day 2, because Quentin has prepared an awesome kahoot that will test your knowledge. There will be prizes!

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