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Kahoot! EDU Meetup: Spring edition 2022

Share your story, connect, and amplify awesome.


10:00 am PDT

Ready, set, Kahoot!

Sean D’arcy

Sean D’Arcy, VP Kahoot! at school, will walk you through the most exciting updates from Kahoot! At school, demo our latest product features, and give you a sneak peek into what’s coming this fall. With these tools for interactive teaching, content creation, engagement and assessment, you’ll be all set to prepare your awesome toolkit for the school year!

This session will be particularly relevant for educators of all levels and students but we highly encourage technology specialists and school leaders to tune in too!

10:30 am PDT

Maximizing edtech in your classroom with Clever!

Blair Mishleau, Senior Customer Education Program Manager

Looking for ways to take your edtech game to the next level? Clever can help! In this session, you’ll learn how to use Clever to discover new edtech, save time getting students logged into programs, communicate with students, and access student data to gain insight on student engagement. This session is perfect if your district uses Clever, or if you want to learn more and ask your district to begin using Clever.

11 am PDT

Content is queen: How to supercharge educators and learners in the new school year with Kahoot! Academy

Agnete Tøien Pedersen

In this session, you’ll get a deep dive into Kahoot! Academy and learn how to make the most of its library of learning content in the upcoming school year. Discover kahoots and lessons focused on social and emotional learning and development of 21st century skills in learners of all ages.

11:15 am PDT

Engaging students with – A practical workshop

Sebastian Laxell

Get an overview of the different tools and functionalities along with some fun activities and games that can be used in any classroom environment: physical, remote or hybrid!

11:30 am PDT

K!offee Kahoot!

Hosted by Steve Sherman and Amanda Taselaar

11:45 am PDT

Workshop: Elevate engagement with K!EDU

Sydney Jones

Learn how to launch Kahoot to the next level with this K!EDU workshop! Join Sydney as she goes through the function and use cases for key features such as importing slides, advanced question types, reporting and more! Sydney works in Austin, TX ensuring our education partners achieve success.

12:15 pm PDT

Playful learning session + kahoot

Louisa Rosenheck

Learning through play is a great way for students of any age to explore new concepts and build future-ready skills. Despite the current focus on learning loss, there have also been many learning gains when it comes to these important soft skills. In this session I’ll share some frameworks for playful learning along with ideas of how we can use play to reflect on and celebrate our students’ strengths.

1 pm PDT

Wrap-up Kahoot!

Hosted by Steve Sherman and Amanda Taselaar

Frequently asked questions

Is Kahoot! EDU Meetup free to attend?


When does the event start in my time zone?

The event will start at 10 am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) on September 22. Go to this website if you’re not sure what time it will be in your time zone.

Here’s the start time in some other time zones:
Central Daylight Time (CDT): 12:00pm (Central U.S., Mexico, Latin America)
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 1:00pm(Eastern U.S., Peru, Colombia)
Western European Summer Time(GMT+1): 6:00pm (18:00)(The UK, Ireland, and Portugal)
Central European Summer Time (GMT+2): 7:00pm (19:00)(Most of the E.U.)
Malaysia (GMT+8): 1:00am
Sydney, Australia (GMT + 10): 4:00am
If you cannot attend the live event, the event will be recorded!

I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend. Will this be recorded?

Yes, we’ll record all sessions and add videos to this page a couple of days after the event. You’ll be able to see the recordings as long as you register!

Will I get a certificate confirming I participated in this event? When?

Every participant will receive a certificate confirming they attended this event. We’ll email it to the address you used to register a day or two after the event.

Can I use the certificate to claim Professional Development credits?

Yes, you can use the certificate to claim PD credit for the entire duration of the event