Playing Kahoot!
11+ Questions

Game-based learning

A Quiz about game-based learning based on research literature.

  1. Field studies watching seven-years play Age of Mythology revealed that the students also...
  2. _________ is the most important factor that drives learning according to James Paul Gee
  3. Who wrote the FutureLab report 'Literature Review in Games and Learning'?
  4. Reasons most edutainment has failed to realize expectations according to Futurelab report are
  5. What makes things fun to learn according to Tom Malone?
  6. The state in which we are so involved in something that nothing else matters in called...
  7. The learning view that sees the learning process entirely in the head of the learner is called
  8. Two key themes common to development of games for education according to Kirriemuir & McFarlane
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