Thanks to Kahoot! user Danit Isaacs (@Danit_Isaacs) who works at The Open University of Israel for this brilliant tutorial on how to use Kahoot! with right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew or Arabic.

Using right-to-left language in Kahoot!

As it’s still early days for us, Kahoot! isn’t ideally set up for right-to-left languages (stay tuned!), however, Danit has provided us with this excellent guide for how to make right-to-left work when creating questions/answers!

When using a right to left language in Kahoot!, you may encounter these issues:

  1. A symbol typed at the end of a sentence, will appear at the beginning.
  2. A numerical or Latin character or symbol typed in the middle of a sentence, messes up the order of the words.

Here are some ideas for how to work around this:

  1. When writing a question, start by typing the question mark first, then the text of the question. Typing the question mark at the beginning of the question will make it appear at the end.
  2. If the sentence includes numerical or Latin characters, phrase the sentence in away that these characters appear at the end rather than in the middle.For example, instead of asking:

Right to left language

        Phrase it this way:

Right to left language

3.     Create an image with your question in and upload it to the image field. You can they   use the question field to write a general statement or instructions framed around the image.

4.    TIP! Don’t use the keyboard to change the text direction (Ctrl + Shift) as you would in software such as Microsoft Word. Doing this displays HTML code in your questions and answers.

Right to left language

Here’s Danit and her colleague Lamis who helped out with the tutorial!

Danit and her colleague Lamis