Alf Inge

We asked our ‘Educator In Residence’, Professor Alf Inge Wang to list the different scenarios in which he uses Kahoot! in his Software Engineering lectures at The Norwegian University of Technology & Science (NTNU). Here’s what he came up with:

I mainly use Kahoot! to…

  • Find the knowledge level of students before lecturing a topic
  • Help the students remember the most important elements from a lecture, by running a quiz that reviews the lecture in a fun and engaging way
  • Help find any weaknesses in my own education plans
  • Give me an opportunity to dive into topics where the majority of the students answered wrong
  • Give the students the opportunity to create their own quizzes and in this way learn a topic through research, presentation and play each other’s quizzes
  • Run a survey on students’ attitude
  • Let the majority of students decide which of several topics should be lectured more in detail