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3 Sep 2015

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The Importance of Looking Up

Why aren’t the questions and answers displayed on the students’ devices? We believe in the power of social learning – the importance of looking up!

What exactly is it about a classroom that is so undeniably special?

At Kahoot!, there’s few things we treasure as much as a buzzing classroom.

And while learning can occur everywhere, it’s not lost on us that most of our community is primarily made up of awesome teachers who want to keep their students happy, excited – and most of all, engaged! So with that in mind, we work every day to continue to build something that can be a fun companion through revisions, surveys, and beyond.

But what exactly is it about a classroom that is so undeniably special? We took a minute to examine it, regressing to our own school memories. All of us have shed the skin of university now for our careers, so we dug. Dug through the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and crayons, old encyclopedias (remember those?!) and the sound of velcro clasp shoes.

And while these are fun mementos – they’re not the secret ingredient.

Kahoot!'s social learning approach-classroom photo

Social learning isn’t only fun – it’s smart!

It’s our classmates, our friends, and our educators that make school years so irreplaceable. More than any update or new feature (though we do love making them!), we want to never lose sight of this – which is why we continue to support our decision to exclude questions and answers from being displayed on the students’ devices.

Supposedly we’re on to something – as several years of research at the Norwegian University of Technology & Science surmised that Kahoot! is so effective because of its collaborative nature, confirming that social play isn’t only fun – but smart! The proof is in the pudding.

Aw, shucks…

This news always sends us over the moon – and your feedback, more so. Stephanie Itibrout took fingers to keyboard on the topic, and made us blush in the process:


They [the students] must look at the main screen to access the questions and the choices. This creates a group dynamic that is often missing when students use their devices for quizzes. Students must focus on one point together...

​Stop! Collaborate and listen.

Fun is fundamental to developing great minds, and great minds work better together.

Happy Kahoot!’ing 🙂