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2 Jul 2019

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Reboot your meetings to drive team engagement!

Read how Michelle Wilson, a quality team leader at a large multinational conglomerate, boosted employee participation in meetings with some help from Kahoot!

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Let’s face it – it’s a tough job to get colleagues excited about a compulsory activity. That’s one of the reasons why Michelle Wilson, a quality team leader at a large global conglomerate, turned to Kahoot! Michelle is responsible for influencing company culture by engaging colleagues during their quarterly meetings. She’s been able to reboot the meetings with fun, interactive kahoots that get everybody on their feet.

Reboot your ordinary quarterly meeting

Tired of the lack of excitement surrounding the usual engagement activity at quarterly meetings, Michelle began to brainstorm new ways to connect with her colleagues. That’s when she discovered Kahoot! She and her colleagues practiced with the platform in small groups before she came up with the perfect idea – hosting a live kahoot as the final round in a three-part tournament! She created a basketball-themed kahoot for teams to play during the March quarterly meeting.

The two final teams could recruit as many members as they wished to participate in the championship round. Surprisingly, it was a good reminder that “bigger is not always better” as the smaller team was able to answer questions faster. The large team caught on quickly and the two teams battled for first place the entire game. Kahoot! became an instant hit. Michelle said, “If it’s not fun they won’t do it.”

With Kahoot!, everybody was up out of their seats. They were cheering, they were laughing!

Michelle Wilson, quality team leader

Easily incorporate kahoots into company meetings

If you’re looking to liven up meetings, Kahoot! is a great way to reboot them in a dynamic manner. Michelle does not formally track participation data, but she has been thrilled with the noticeable surge of positive feedback and engagement. She wouldn’t be surprised if other people at her company join in on the magic of Kahoot!, like one team in Mexico already has. To play Kahoot! is to love Kahoot!, so why not give it a try? Sign up for Kahoot! for businesses today!