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8 Feb 2016

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Kahoot of the day: Black History Month game – made by students!

There is simply nothing better than seeing students make their own learning games, and especially when they’re as talented and resourceful as the makers of today’s Black History Month kahoot. Check. It. Out.

Looking through all of the Black History Month kahoots created by our community, we came across this exceptional game: Black History Month by stephenslori.

With plenty of prompts for discussion, fantastic images and incredible opportunities to learn something new, the game really stood out. We absolutely loved how there was such variety in the way the questions were phrased, as well as tricky and plausible wrong answers.

Most of all, we were impressed by the kahoot’s breadth – the questions weren’t just about political figures, but also helped us celebrate inspirational Black role models and learn interesting facts and figures.

Black History Month questions

Would you believe…?

Ready to pop it into the Featured list, we had a quick glance at who created the game, and… wow. Would you believe this kahoot was created by students?

That’s right. Students.

Not college students, but elementary and intermediate school students. It seems that the students in Grades 4 to 8 at Walcott DCSD’s Talented & Gifted program are talented and gifted indeed!

Join us in celebrating this wonderful example of bringing to life the Learners to Leaders pedagogy – try your hand at playing their Black History Month game!

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 5219 Plays
  • 29731 players

Black History Month

created by Walcott DCSD Talented and Gifted students in grades 4 – 8

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