When it comes to Kahoot!’ing, there’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get everyone to raise their game. Enter the#WinterGames stars with an icy cool challenge for us: take them on in a quick-fire round of Kahoot!

Snowboarder Stale Sandbech

With Happy Campers’ Sigurd Ringstad egging them on, our favourite Norwegian #WinterGames star athletes aced a fun snowboard slang kahoot, and then – just when we thought we were safe – took the lead on topics like geography and English grammar, too.

Can you beat their scores? Here’s how to play:

Playing against #WinterGames stars like Snowboarder Ståle Sandbech in Ghost Mode is super easy. Just click on a link below and you’ll launch the “Ghost Mode” version of that game. You’ll see a Winter Games star’s name displayed in the ‘lobby’ and on the scoreboard with a little ghosty next to it. That’s who you’ve got to beat!

Snowboard Slang Ghost Mode Challenge:
Think you know a Haakon Flip from a Lando Roll? Beat star snowboarders like Ståle Sandbech at their own game with this tricky but super cool snowboarding slang kahoot.

English Challenge:
This fun little kahoot is designed to help you brush up on fun facts about English-speaking countries and to test your knowledge of quirky English grammar.

Math Challenge!
Compete against snowboarder Silje Norendal in a surprisingly tricky Math kahoot. The questions range from basic math facts and symbols to more complex calculations like squares, square roots and basic trigonometry. She only got one answer wrong in the whole game, so watch out!

Norwegian Challenge
If you think your grasp of Norwegian is up to scratch, see if you can beat freestyle skier Øystein Bråten!

Challenge your friends!

Originally designed to reinforce learning through fun repetition, the beauty of Ghost Mode is that you can play anytime against previous scores, whether you’re in a group setting or at home on your own.

Why not share the Ghost Mode links for your favourite #WinterGames kahoots with friends and challenge them to beat your ghost?