TIP #1: Add a title, description, and #tags to keep the game focused and discoverable

We’ve found that writing a catchy title and good description before adding questions helps keep the game focused, to deepen understanding, boost engagement or spark critical thinking.

How to creat a kahoot

You can now add #tags to your description, too, to help others find your kahoot so you can attract more players and build your reputation as a trusted kahoot creator.

How to create a kahoot

TIP #2: Upload a cover image straight from your phone and make your kahoot stand out!

Eye-catching cover images make your kahoot more noticeable in the search results, and tend to attract even more players. We’ve designed the new Kahoot Creator ‘mobile-first’, which means you can upload just the right image straight from your phone or tablet.

TIP #3: Credit your sources to earn trust and give context to your kahoot

You’ll find a new section where you can add details and links to resources, references and further reading for your kahoot. It’s also a great place to acknowledge the source of images and other content you’ve used.

How to create a kahoot

TIP #4: Add a photo or video to each question to enhance your kahoot

High quality images, videos and animated gifs are an absolute must, and not only because they make your kahoot more engaging. You can use them to hide clues, deepen understanding, give context, or even build anticipation.

With the updated Kahoot Creator, you can now upload images and animated GIFs straight from your phone or tablet, or from your computer.

How to add images to your kahoot

If you want to use a video instead, simply paste in the YouTube link. There’s no need to use the whole video – you can show as much or as little of the video as you like by specifying the start and end times.

TIP #5: Use the new Overview page to get the flow just right

The best kahoots go well beyond a quiz, with game creators using pace, narrative and well-placed clues to boost engagement and deepen learning. On the new Overview screen, you can get the flow just right by re-ordering questions, adding or removing questions and tweaking the timer settings.

Overview your kahoot

Ready to try it out?

Visit create.kahoot.it and you’ll be able to use the newly updated Kahoot Creator to create your own kahoot, or adapt a kahoot you’ve duplicated. We can’t wait to see what you create!