Hey Kahoot!’ers,

We have something special to share with you, just in time for back to school!

We love receiving your photos of players standing by their nicknames on the game screen, whilst basking in the glory of a kahoot epic win. And now, we have a new setting to give more students the chance to experience that awesome feeling!

 Podium is a brand new experiment designed to reward the top 3 players or teams at the end of a kahoot game. This feature is made for all players that are constantly eager to learn and love celebrating together with their classmates. If you turn on Kahoot! Experiments and then toggle on Podium before launching a game of kahoot, you’ll notice some exciting changes.

Kahoot! experiments

The 3 players with the highest scores will now celebrate their achievements from their Podium positions. Hopefully this will encourage plenty more students to learn their way to the top!

Kahoot's top scores

We hope you enjoy Podium and that it unlocks plenty of loud learning moments in your classroom and beyond! Let us know what you think @Getkahoot and in our Facebook community for teachers. Don’t hesitate to shout out, show off your medal and stand out from the crowd!

Happy Kahoot!’ing