Jumble is live!

We’re excited to offer you a new game: ‘Jumble’. Take a look now!

December 13, 2016

What’s Jumble?

‘Jumble’ captures the simple and fun spirit of the classic Kahoot! quiz, but offers a new experience that encourages even more focus from players. Jumble questions challenge players to place answers in the correct order rather than selecting a single correct answer.

Play Jumble Now

Don’t just take our word for it! You can play and create your own games now. This new game style has been designed to help you promote Higher order thinking strategies and to make your lessons more engaging than ever.

Thank you for your feedback

The Kahoot! team has been hard at work refining Jumble since our preview went out a few weeks ago. Thanks to all of you who tested the prototype we released. We have listened to your feedback and insights and have worked to improve the play experience.

Try it out now!

Play one of our games below or create your own! Check out our guide to learn how to create our own jumble games or simply create now!

NB: Jumble games should be launched from a laptop/desktop with devices joining in our classic one-to-many way, just like the Kahoot! Quiz.

Introducing Jumble

Check out this kahoot to inspire ways to use our brand new game mode! Jumble all the way!

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 102545 Plays
  • 250442 players

Introducing Jumble

#Play and #learn all about #Jumble, the #fun new way to #challenge learners with higher-order thinking strategies.

Christmas Trivia Jumble Extraordinaire!

Unscramble these festive brainteasers and help Santa save Christmas!

Christmas Trivia Jumble

A Christmas themed trivia kahoot to keep everyone happy over the holidays!

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 6253 Plays
  • 24707 players

Christmas Trivia Jumble

A #Christmas #Trivia #Jumble #Kahoot to play with #Family, #Friends or at #School. Have #Fun!

Christmas Movie Jumble

Play socially to test your favourite Christmas movie knowledge!

Film Trivia

Fun to play with friends or family, challenge others on their knowledge of classic films and the movie industry.

Kids playing Kahoot!
  • 46002 Plays
  • 223231 players

Film Trivia

A #film #trivia #jumble Kahoot to learn fun facts about the #filmindustry. Play #socially with #friends or #family

Word Jumble!

Our take on the classic game-show, “Wheel of Fortune”, this brain-boosting kahoot will have you rearranging words and filling in the gaps.

Playing Kaahoot!
  • 62567 Plays
  • 329327 players

Word Jumble!

Re-arrange the #words and #letters to make #sentences and words, and fill in the missing gaps!

Build the Equations!

Take a deep dive into algebra equations with this progressively challenging math kahoot!

Playing Kahoot!
  • 15518 Plays
  • 72219 players

Build the equations!

Arrange the #symbols, #numbers and words to create the #algebra #equations in this progressively challenging #math #Jumble game!

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The K!rew December 13, 2016

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