At Kahoot!, we know it’s important that the kahoots you play stay within your classroom. To ensure this, we released a ‘2 Step Join’ game option. This game option adds an extra step to joining a kahoot, which helps secure the game to only the players in your classroom.

How To Steps:

1) Find the kahoot you wish to launch, and hit the ‘Play’ button
2) Once you reach the lobby screen, scroll down to open ‘Game Options’
3) Toggle on ‘Enable 2 Step Join’ – please note that ‘2 Step Join’ can only be enabled with Classic Mode for now
4) Hit the ‘Classic Mode’ button
5) Your players will join the kahoot by going to on their devices, and entering the Game PIN and their nickname as usual
6) Your players will then need to enter the tile Pattern on their devices to be able to join the game. The Pattern changes every 7 seconds, for extra security.
7) Play your kahoot!

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