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9 Jan 2018

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Kick off 2018 with FUNtastic new math games!

New Year, new games! We’re kicking off 2018 with 30 new, ready-to play and curriculum-aligned games for all Math Kahoot!’ers!

We hope you had a fantastic holiday break and 2018 is off to a good start for you! Have you already planned some kahoots for your students? If you’re looking for awesome quizzes to break the ice, introduce new topics or revise content in your math class – we have great news for you! We’re kicking off this year by adding 30 new curriculum-aligned games to our collection, aligned with common core and TEKS standards.

Math – our top priority for Kahoot! Studio in 2018

Kahoot! Studio, our service where we create and publish free, original, high-quality kahoots, will be focusing heavily on math this year. Our goal is to cover as much of the curriculum for grades 9-12 and 5-8 as possible. In addition to that we will continue to release curriculum aligned games for Science, ELA and History. What does this mean? 2018 will bring more ready-to-play games, more frequent releases and more standards covered than ever before! We know it takes time to find high-quality games, and Kahoot! Studio will serve as a magic shortcut 🙂 We’re excited to keep helping teachers of awesome and classroom superheroes with engaging content aligned with their curriculum and grades.

Our biggest release so far!

Today, as part of this year’s first math collection update, we’re launching the biggest batch of games so far, with 30 brand new kahoots following Common Core (CC) and TEKS standards. These games are a great way to help you prepare the next class and to teach complex topics in a stress-free, fun and engaging way.

The importance of looking up

Where do I find these new math games?

Log in to the Kahoot! platform and click on the “Math” collection on the start page. Or start a game right from this blog post!

If you missed our recent geometry quizzes, don’t miss out on these games either. Have a look at the geometry collection in our Explore section.

Happy Kahoot!’ing!