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27 Feb 2017

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Record-breaking learning: world’s biggest kahoot with 4,092 players!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning phenomenon sweeping through the global educational space. With millions of students and teachers playing games every month, “kahooting” has become an actual verb. On February 23rd, 2017, Talladega County Schools broke the world record for the largest kahoot ever, with an astonishing 4,092 players in one single game!

For as long as we have been tracking unique devices in Kahoot!, Talladega County Schools’ kahoot is by far the game with the most devices playing at the same time in different locations: there was a whopping 4092 devices registered in one game, says Morten Versvik, CTO at Kahoot!

Student-led world record game

Stephanie Brookes, Digital Learning Specialist at Fayetteville School, masterminded the record-breaking operation. She was thrilled to learn Talladega County Schools had broken a Kahoot! world record.

– I have used Kahoot! for years for assessing, reviewing, introducing new topics and of course, helping students create their own kahoots; the best kind of learning! To find out that we have broken a world record is amazing, both for the teachers and administrators, but most of all for the students!

Stephanie Brooks

The record game was accomplished thanks to Stephanie’s intrepid and creative students, who came up with the idea of playing a district-wide kahoot as a fun initiative for Digital Learning Day.

The student-led tech team at her school took up the challenge by creating an engaging game and live streaming it on YouTube, making it easier to play across schools and locations. The game was setup and hosted by the students themselves.

A learning experience for the whole community

– I am very excited on behalf of both Kahoot! and the teachers and students at Talledaga County Schools, Says Jamie Brooker, Co-Founder and CCO at Kahoot!.

– Kahoot! was created with the goal of bringing the joy back to learning and to make learners into leaders. This student-led kahoot game makes us so proud, both because it was clearly fun to be a part of, but also because students both initiated, created and led this game. This type of social, collaborative learning is what Kahoot! is all about!

For Stephanie, the best part of the experience was the collaborative element too.

– By far, my favorite part of this was how it brought the community together for a great cause. For fifteen minutes of gaming, we were one, united county. It was wonderful to see students of all ages – from kindergarteners to high-schoolers – get so excited by the game and sharing a common bond.

Check out the awesome game experience here with this video from the record-breaking game:

Largest kahoot in history!

– We were blown away when we discovered this game being played on Thursday, says Jamie Brooker.

– Looking at the videos from this game, we can feel the excitement – we were glued to social media watching the updates come in! When the game ended, we had registered 4092 unique participants, which is a world record for a kahoot played in multiple locations, by a good margin.

See the answers counting in this live footage from the world record game:

Connected through YouTube live video and screen sharing

The game connected different classrooms throughout the school district using screen sharing.

– We love this way of breaking down the boundaries of the classroom walls through a “connected kahoot”, says Jamie Brooker.

Was there actually another game, played on the other side of the globe earlier the same day, which was almost as big?

-That is correct. A few hours before this world record, another attempt at a world record happened in New Zealand. This game was played by 3897 players, which for a few hours actually was the world record game so far. In other words, we didn’t have just one, but two world record games on Digital Learning Day. How awesome is that?

-With two world records in 24 hours, across the globe, we can proudly say that Kahoot! is a truly global learning tool, finishes Brooker.

Share the joy! – Play the world record kahoot!

The world record game is available for anyone to play – give it a try!



From all of us at Kahoot! – a huge congratulations to Talladega County Schools on the world record! You are awesome!

Want to try to break this record? Please contact us at so we can make sure our servers are prepped and prepared.