Kahoot! Academy already allows publishers and educators to share their content and connect with a global online community. Today, we are expanding these same opportunities to business professionals, including consultants, instructors, freelancers, corporate trainers and others using Kahoot! at work, to connect with millions of users, promote their unique business offerings, and soon monetize from their content.

Business professionals with Kahoot!’s 360 subscriptions can now create their own Verified profiles on Kahoot! Academy. With a Verified profile, professionals can share and sell their premium content, promote their businesses and services, and generate valuable leads.

Reach millions of Kahoot! users

On Kahoot! Academy, business professionals will be able to reach and engage with new and existing users across the globe through their own Verified profiles. They can follow and stay up to date with other like-minded trainers, consultants and freelancers, and communicate directly with Kahoot! users through the Community features.

Promote unique business offerings

On a Verified profile, business professionals can also showcase their unique business offerings to current and potential new customers. With the ability to add links to multiple websites, resources and social media channels, they can generate more awareness of their business, create increased engagement with relevant content, and capture new leads to promote growth.

Sell content on Marketplace 

And coming soon; Verified creators on Kahoot! Academy will also have the opportunity to sell their content, such as Courses, on Kahoot! Academy’s Marketplace. On the Marketplace, creators will be able to reach a highly relevant, global audience on an engaging, inspiring, safe and secure platform. 

And the best is yet to come! We will continue to develop Kahoot! Academy for business professionals with more premium content, improved networking, and increased monetization opportunities.

Get inspired by these Verified creators: Marc Bara, Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi and Dr. Blake.

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Verified profiles for professionals is still in its early stage in Q4. At the end of this period, users will need to be on a 360 Pro Plan to keep their Verified profiles, which includes access to K! Academy Marketplace.