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12 Apr 2017

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2-step-join in Kahoot! and the importance of listening to our community

The 2-step join feature in Kahoot! was created because of very important feedback from our awesome community.

Read this blog post by our Head Of User Happiness Steph, on why listening to our users is essential to the development of Kahoot!.

girl raising her hand kahoot

Image credit: Steve Sherman, livingmaths

At Kahoot! we have a team of people based across our London, Oslo and USA offices that are dedicated to ensuring that feedback, insights, support queries and prized learning moments are handled effectively. We also make sure that all the nuggets of gold that we each collect from our user feedback are shared with the rest of the business. Sometimes listening and engaging also involves celebrating you guys for the creative and unique ways you make learning awesome everyday!

Deeply understanding our communities needs is baked into our development processes. Kahoot!’s game-based platform enables accessible, meaningful, and playful learning experiences, in classrooms and beyond.

We always ask ourselves: How can we make the learning experience more relevant, meaningful and powerful to all students, no matter their age, background or needs? How can we bring the student at the back of the class to the front, for all the right reasons? With these ideals in mind, Kahoot! was born, and with these ideals we keep developing.

Importance of championing awesome people

The Kahoot! ambassadors, super users and amazing testers have become increasingly important to our product development, gathering insights to form hypotheses, understanding different types of users and to amplify new releases. Each user brings a different perspective, a unique classroom, a social or business set-up that requires us to understand what purposes our platform needs to fulfil.

Tips, tricks and the many ways Kahoot! can be used are best told from a user perspective. Our social media and blog spaces are packed full of amazing user cases, how to’s and stories. We love to follow these users, because we learn so much from them!

Steph and Carol

Our super-user Carol Salva meeting us at BETT

Learning across borders and engaging with users in this way is also vital for us. Breaking down the walls of a classroom enables authentic learning experiences, develops cultural understanding and provides a mechanism to observe Kahoot! in action with teachers and students in a variety of learning environments. Kahoot! is used in over 180 countries and we are very grateful to be able to visit many of these countries via screen sharing tools such as as Skype and Google Hangout. I have experienced this first hand and I am always keen to join classrooms that wants a Kahoot! K!rew member present. If you are a teacher and would like me to join in the fun, you can tweet us to organise a time to connect and play!


How to turn frustration into new user experiences

We get a lot of positive feedback from our users, but some times we also come across some concerns and frustrations experienced by the community. In these instances it’s vital we understand how we can best solve or offer a suitable work-around.

We recently released a 2-step-join game option onto the Kahoot! platform. This game option adds an extra step to joining a kahoot, which helps secure the game to only the players in your classroom. Read more about 2-step join option here.

Why did we release this feature? Well, we noticed during social support shifts on Twitter, via our support service and direct teacher feedback that social pin code sharing and then crashing kahoots was a growing issue for some educators. We decided to take action, speak to the teachers experiencing these issues and further try to understand their pain points. Once we had done this, a prototype was shared with the community. The 2-step verification is now a full release. This feature is of paramount importance, as it helps to ensure classrooms remain playful, loud and secure.


The K!rew are always listening to our community. You will find us in our Uservoice support service where Bryan or one of the team will be on hand to help. We are on Twitter, in our Facebook community group, our Facebook pageor at events. Feel free to reach out to us!

“Listening is the act of acknowledging the unique value of the thoughts and opinions of others.” – Bill Kroll

Happy Kahoot!’ing