A few weeks ago, we heard from Warren Thaddies, educator at Liberty Park Elementary School in Florida. He learned about Kahoot! earlier this year from his younger siblings, and their raving endorsement inspired him to try it with his students.

Warren started by hosting kahoots in small reading groups, and then introduced Kahoot! to his larger afterschool group of 4th and 5th graders. It turned out some of the students were already familiar with it – they thought Kahoot! was lit and wanted to play more!

In addition to being an educator, Warren is also a musician, known as Mr.Warren on YouTube. And here’s the story taking a new twist, as told by Mr.Warren himself:

“Being the hypercompetitive bunch that my students are, the games would get really exciting and close, we would often freestyle raps and dance to the popular Kahoot! theme song. Eventually we decided that we would make a theme song of our own that captured all the excitement and competitiveness that we experienced.

Many of my rap club students at Okeeheelee Middle School in Greenacres, Florida also got involved in the song as Kahoot! is a favorite even at the middle school level. We even shot a music video for the song!”

So, this week Mr. Warren shared the final version of the video, featuring his music group The Kids on the Slope. It blew our minds!

“We’re learning plus we’re having fun”, “We’re gaining knowledge bit by bit”, “In the end it’s a win-win”, “We’re constantly yearning to learn something new every day”, “Engaging in some healthy competition with each other” – spot on! A lot of great, accurate and catchy quotes to describe what Kahoot! is.

Pure awesome! We’re proud to have such dedicated, creative and passionate community! Huge applause to you, Mr. Warren and the crew!