Kahoot! announces integration with Microsoft Teams for Office 365

Using Teams in your school? We’ve got some good news for you, something that will make your collaboration with colleagues and students even smoother.

We’ve announced our integration of Kahoot! with Teams, a collaboration tool within the Office 365 suite. This integration will help teachers and administrators better connect with each other and their students, in the classroom and beyond. You will be able to share, play and discuss kahoot games directly in your Teams channels!

Whether you plan your next class with Kahoot!, want to share learning games for your students to revise, prepare a professional training session or need your colleagues’ advice, just bring it up on Teams!

How does it work? Here’s what you’ll be able to do with Kahoot! for Teams:

  • Share kahoot games directly with your students to play together immediately or for later study.
  • Share kahoots with colleagues and staff for deeper collaboration, to share best practices, and to make professional development or internal training more engaging and fun.
  • Connect with professional learning networks all over the world to play, share and discuss kahoots, to deepen knowledge or for external professional development training.

NB: The full integration of Kahoot! into Microsoft Teams will be available later in 2017.

How to access Kahoot! for Teams

Now for the practical side of things: after you log in to Teams, choose the specific channel where you want to share your kahoot. Navigate to the upper tabs and click the “+” button. Select the Kahoot! tab and accept the agreement.

How to add a tab

On the next step, give your kahoot a title and paste the kahoot URL. Select ‘Post to the channel about this tab’ if you wish to notify others directly. Click ‘Save’.

NB: If you paste the ‘Create’ kahoot link it will convert automatically to a ‘Play’ link.

Sharing kahoots

The kahoot shows up as a new tab and displays a preview screen. It also shows as a new post in the Teams conversation if you selected ‘Post to the channel about this tab’ option.

Periodic Table of Elements

Let’s play! Click ‘Play’ to launch your kahoot directly from Teams – don’t forget to hit the full-screen button!

Periodic table of elements in a blind kahoot

Your students, colleagues or peers in your Team can discuss and collaborate further on the kahoot by liking, posting comments (which can include attachments, emojis and GIFs), or saving it to their Teams profile.

Periodic table of elements in a blind kahoot

Kahoot! Create and Kahoot! Play Apps for Windows

One of the main reasons that makes it so easy to play Kahoot! is that it works on any device with an internet connection. Windows users, rejoice – we’ve wrapped one more surprise for you into this release package 😉

We have just launched two new apps for Windows 10 – Kahoot! Create and Kahoot! Play, which are live in the Microsoft Store.

With Kahoot! Create for Windows computers, you can design your own learning game in minutes, or choose from millions of existing kahoots on our platform to play, duplicate or edit to customize to your needs.

Play together, foster social learning, spark discussion and unleash classroom superpowers!

The second app – Kahoot! Play – is designed for learners to join a game from their computer or mobile device. As always – it’s free and no account is required! The only thing the learners need is the game PIN from the host.

Give these apps a try – you can download Kahoot! Create and Kahoot! Play from the Microsoft Store for free!

You can read our full press release on the official announcement here.