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24 Feb 2022

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4 ways to use kahoots to discuss gender equality & celebrate women

We know you don’t need a special reason to celebrate women (we don’t either!), but this month we’re reminding you of all the reasons we do anyway. In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, here are some kahoots and other resources to celebrate the courageous.

March is the month that’s not only dedicated to honoring women’s accomplishments, achievements and contributions, but also acknowledging the barriers and discrimination that women face. Find ready-to-use kahoots from Kahoot! Academy Verified creators and partners in the free Women’s History Month collection, dive even deeper with a collection from Kahoot!+ AccessPass, and find practical recommendations below that pair supplemental activities with kahoots that you can implement into your classroom right away. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to pay homage to powerful (and awesome!) women past and present.


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Learn about women’s experiences in the workforce

Did you know that there have been recent years where women outnumbered men in the workforce? Spoiler: we just found out! This kahoot on working women from Kahoot! Academy partner NGPF gives us a small glimpse into some of the incredible progress women are still making.

Follow up this kahoot with a discussion with your students. Ask them to list which professions they think have more women, and which have more men. Then consider why that might be and discuss what changes they see in society and in the workforce. 


Acknowledge why women’s history is current events 

Speaking of women’s accomplishments, many women have been and are still the first to achieve certain positions and attain certain historic milestones. Check out this kahoot on famous women from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Ms. Vail to learn about fierce women who made history by overcoming intense discrimination and sexism. 

 Follow up this kahoot with an investigative activity. Have students look up one of the women featured or another woman that has made history. Ask why it’s significant that a woman achieved this and what she may have gone through to get there.


Become a women’s history enthusiast!

Celebrating those who have historically been marginalized comes with the great responsibility to also teach their history. Were women always allowed to do everything they can today? Who fought for those rights and how hard was it to win them? This kahoot on women’s history from Kahoot! Academy Verified creator Steve Tamargo includes some of the major events and figures.

Follow up this kahoot with a thought-provoking question. Ask students to imagine in 100 years from now, what additional rights will women have gained, and what additional events will have become significant in women’s history?


Learn about unjust laws & the women who fought against them

How much do you know about the women that have made strides in progressing women’s rights? We might be able to more easily identify powerful leaders who have gained a lot of publicity for their heroic efforts, but what about those who have fought tirelessly behind the scenes?

 Expand your knowledge of these women and the laws they fought against in this Kahoot! Course: Courageous women who fought the law. And yes, this is an entire 50-minute lesson plan that you can use with your students right away!


We hope these suggestions provide you with ways you and your students can reflect on women’s involvement, development and leadership in our world. 

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