Recently, we collaborated on a case study with Texas-based Jack Quinn (if you missed that story about science students and their smashing exam scores, make sure to check it out!) During our quest of finding a videographer to help us film that interview, we met Michael Ortiz, video producer, screenwriter and teacher at The Guthrie Center.

And guess what – coincidentally, Michael also turned out to be a long-time Kahoot!’er! Truly a teacher of many talents! So, that project came with a fantastic bonus. Not only Michael filmed the interview with Jack, but he also produced a cool video about his own Kahoot! experience.

Michael teaches filmmaking and video production at The Guthrie Center. He first heard about Kahoot! from his students who used it in other classes, and now he’s been using it for 3 years already! Not only it makes learning fun and helps filmmakers-to-be unleash their creativity, but it also helps them sail through certification exams with great results!

Watch this video where Michael and his students speak about:

  • how Kahoot! makes it easier to master complex topics
  • what practical insights you can get from the game reports
  • why everyone digs the Kahoot! tune
  • how Kahoot! helped them improve their results at technical certification exams.