Happy New Year, Kahoot!’ers!

We have some great news to kickstart 2018. All throughout December, we were running our “Host the most” competition among teachers of awesome. The rules were simple: just host as many games and create as many Kahoot! challenges as possible! Any teacher could join and compete for our branded “Classroom hero” t-shirts for their entire class.

31 days, almost 17K participants and an amazing amount of kahoots played – we’d say these numbers are mind blowing, and we’re happy so many of you joined the competition! But one question remains, who is the winner?

Kahoot! announces the winner of "Host the most", holiday competition

And the winner is…

Tada! With an astounding total of 170+ games hosted and challenges assigned, Jim Shields is the winner! Jim teaches history in New Mexico to 10th and 11th graders over 6 different classes. He is using Kahoot! as a formative assessment tool and as a way to prepare his students for mid-terms.

We asked Jim to share his experience and tell us about his Kahoot! secret. Here’s what he told us:

“I created a number of kahoots for both my 10th grade world history students and 11th grade U.S. history students. I selected Kahoot! as a classroom tool after looking over a number of review platforms, as I felt it had the best features for my students. Kahoot! was employed as a simple formative assessment system in all six of my history classes.

I thought students would enjoy the format, and they seemed to agree: informal class participation was stronger in the weeks leading up to semester mid-terms, and the aggregate scores on semester mid-terms themselves were appreciably higher than in previous years.”

Congratulations! Jim and his entire class will be sporting brand new, awesome “Classroom Hero!” shirts. We expect to see pictures of all of you guys wearing those tees soon ?

Thank you to all teachers of awesome who participated! Stay tuned for more competitions this year where you’ll get another chance to win some of our branded swag.

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