I believe that in PE classes theory and practice should come hand in hand. I found an awesome way to combine them for maximum learning impact and fun for my students – all thanks to Kahoot!

I was introduced to Kahoot! in the beginning of the year by my Head of Department. It’s not a new phenomenon in our school. The other teachers in the health and PE department have been using it for quite some time. It’s a great way to formatively assess students, assess prior knowledge, and kick-start a lesson!

Theory, practice and FUN in P.E. classes with Kahoot!

As a Physical Education teacher I’m always looking for ways to make teaching content more physically active for my students. I’m not a big fan of the theory and practical elements of Health and P.E. being separate. I really like to have the theory in the practice. Having students moving while playing a kahoot seemed like a great way to combine this awesome learning tool with movement in P.E.

I divided my students into different teams and asked them to use one computer per group to participate in the kahoot. We set the laptops near the TV screen in the gymnasium and had students run up to answer each question. They then ran back to tag another team member to do the next one. It’s a great way to get the juices flowing at the start of the lesson!

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Using Kahoot! for assessment and review

Kahoot! is a great tool to assess students’ prior knowledge. At the beginning of a new unit, I tend to make a kahoot about the topic. That way, during the first lesson, I’ll get a feeling of how much is already known by students.

I like playing kahoots at the start of the lesson, as it gets all my students motivated and excited, which pours over into the next activity. I really notice that student engagement goes up after playing a kahoot!

My students also really enjoy Kahoot! They love how easy it is to use the platform. It only takes a few seconds to join a game and start playing! Some new tech tools take time to set up and will show problems, they freeze, start lagging or just don’t work at all. I’ve never had this issue with Kahoot!

Tips and tricks for Kahoot! beginners

  • Don’t stay seated! Kahoot!’ing can be an active game if you want it to be!
  • Play your kahoot at the beginning of the lessons so students are immediately engaged.
  • Spice up your Kahoot!’ing by having your students make a quiz and present it to the class themselves.