I am proud to share that Kahoot! is ranked top among
classroom response & assessment tools in the latest EdTech Top 40 report, issued by Instructure’s Learn Platform. This great recognition wraps up a fantastic month for Kahoot!, with the platform both being named a Common Sense Selection for Learning and receiving the ISTE Seal for demonstrating a commitment to supporting best practices in teaching and learning.  

The EdTech Top 40 Report shares the latest on the use of digital solutions, tools, and resources in K-12 districts across the U.S., as well as insights on usage trends and categorical rankings. The classroom response & assessment category encompasses diagnostic tools used to provide ongoing feedback to educators, allowing them to adjust their teaching methods based on a student’s learning style and ability.


“Districts need trusted guidance and transparent information”

“As districts continue to explore different tools to enhance learning, the obstacles they now face aren’t just about picking the best tool, but picking safe, effective and interoperable tools that work together to build a highly effective learning ecosystem,” said Melissa Loble, Instructure’s chief academic officer, in a press release following the publication of the report. 

“Districts need trusted guidance and transparent information to empower them to make efficient and effective decisions that will improve teaching and learning,” Loble added.

An argument for more evidence in edtech

Since Kahoot!’s launch over a decade ago, and particularly during the pandemic, global education has witnessed a strong increase in technology adoption and engagement. In the EdTech Top 40 report, Instructure argues that “now, K-12 leaders need to focus on the strategic use of edtech, ensuring that the tools being leveraged in their organizations positively impact learning outcomes”.

This philosophy aligns perfectly with Kahoot!’s commitment to transparency and evidence-based practice. We are dedicated to helping teachers, administrators, and students make informed decisions about the platforms they use. To further this goal, we partnered with WiKIT, a consultancy specializing in verifying the impact of edtech solutions, to evaluate the strength of Kahoot!’s evidence base. Earlier this year, WiKIT’s meta-analysis of independent, peer-reviewed studies uncovered that the use of Kahoot! in classrooms delivers “significant learning gains,” including measurably improving students’ academic performance.

You can also read more about how independent researchers and organizations have recognized Kahoot! as an evidence-based learning platform here

More than a quiz

And even though we are proud to top the classroom response & assessment category , Kahoot! has a lot more to offer to educators and their students… I recommend  checking out  my colleague Pekka’s latest blog post on how we support students’ entire learning cycle from motivation to mastery and make life easier for teachers. 

For self-study, we allow students to create unlimited flashcards, create weekly study goals, leverage AI to convert PDFs to learning content and much more.  

Ready to bring evidence-based learning to your school, school district, or higher education campus? Try Kahoot! for free or enhance the experience with Kahoot!+  or for educational institutions check out Kahoot! EDU. To use Kahoot! to study smarter, try out our student plans!