Calling all Kahoot! champions, teachers of awesome and aspiring superheroes! Want to gain a full understanding of all Kahoot! has to offer and maximize learning outcomes? Our new certification program is for you!

Designed with busy educators in mind, our courses are all online, and available to take at your own pace. Our snappy, fun video tutorials and downloadable, visual PDF guides means you’re in control of your learning! No need to wait around for a lesson at a specific time, or put reminders in your calendar.

Currently, our program has three tiers – beginner (Bronze), intermediate (Silver) and advanced (Gold), with more coming in the future. You’ll start with Bronze, then progress to the next level, by taking a quiz assignment with the Kahoot! app. If successful, you’ll receive a time-stamped certificate (in order to claim professional learning credits), a digital badge, and be able to progress to the next level.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges for Kahoot! Certified

Here are some core learning objectives for each tier:


– navigate and search the Kahoot! Platform
– discover existing high-quality kahoots
– play a kahoot
– duplicate, edit and share games


– create high quality kahoots from scratch
– tailor your Kahoot! experience and host like a pro
– access and analyze Kahoot! reports and data


– use Kahoot! for formative assessment
– master the Kahoot! app, from the creator tool to homework challenges
– understand how to use Kahoot! for revision

How to get certified

1. Register to begin the first course – Bronze
2. Review the course material – videos and downloadable guides
3. When you’re ready, login to your Kahoot! account and play a certification challenge quiz using the Kahoot! app (which you’ll need installed)
4. If successful, you’ll receive your certificate and badge, and will be able to move onto the next course!

We’re excited to hear your thoughts around our brand new program. If you’ve got any feedback or ideas to share, please reach out to us at or tweet us @GetKahoot.

Get certified now or check out our full FAQ for more information.