The business part of the Kahoot! family is growing! Welcome Kahoot! Premium, a new plan that joins our Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro offerings for office superheroes. It’s especially relevant for those of you planning epic events with Kahoot!, and here’s why:

What’s special about Kahoot! Premium?

Our most powerful business plan to date will score you these benefits:

  • full set of advanced features for businesses including co-creation of kahoots, branding and detailed reporting;
  • highest number of players: up to 2,000 participants can join your live game or mobile challenge;
  • license to use Kahoot! outside your company;
  • access to millions of high quality images in our image library;
  • a customer success coach will help you get on board and up to speed with Kahoot! (one hour included);
  • possibility to pay by invoice.

Since Premium includes a license to use Kahoot! outside your company and supports large scale games, this makes it the best match for events. You can read more about our Kahoot! plans for businesses and learn how Premium compares to other offerings on our pricing page.

Need Kahoot! for just one event?

We’ve got you covered! With the special event edition of Kahoot! Premium, you can get the same full-featured offering, but with a one-time payment and a non-recurring subscription. You can host one event within 3 months after purchasing this license. Sound like a good match? Get started here!

3 tips for making your event a success with Kahoot!

Planning an event is an exciting challenge, and hosting it is certainly the pinnacle! When you stand in front of your audience, you definitely don’t want any technical or logistical hiccups to get in the way and stress you. Read these tips from Sigurd, our event customer success coach, to help you make your event a success with Kahoot!

1. Go for cable internet access
The more participants you have in one venue, the less reliable a WiFi connection becomes. We recommend connecting your computer to the internet via an ethernet cable, or using a WiFi network different from the one players connect to. You can also encourage players to use their 3G or 4G mobile data to connect to a game: Kahoot! uses very little traffic, and that way, you won’t risk overloading the WiFi network.

2. Use a script with your kahoot
Hosting a game of Kahoot! is a really fun experience, and it’s up you how to run this show! Write down some notes before the event and use that script along the way. For example, read the question out loud before it even appears on the big screen to captivate the audience’s attention. Or, tell a story between questions to make the game even more memorable.

3. Spacebar for smooth hosting
Did you know that you can use the spacebar on your keyboard to move through kahoot questions? Then, instead of hovering the cursor which is immediately noticeable on a big screen, it looks as if the game magically progresses by itself! Here’s an advanced bonus tip: you can also use a presenter clicker and map it with the spacebar on your computer’s keyboard.

Whether you run events in-house or work for an agency, Kahoot! will make your event stand out and make it fun for your audience! Get started with Kahoot! Premium for businesses today and put your game host’s hat on!