Revision, reinforcement and formative assessment have always been among the most popular use cases of Kahoot!

Which is why we’ve added new, detailed reports to our app to give you more actionable insights, help you personalize teaching and improve learning outcomes. This feature is part of Kahoot! for schools and Kahoot! for businesses, and here’s the valuable info it’ll provide you:

Discover which participants still haven’t completed your game

This new section is most relevant for challenges you assigned as homework. Maybe some participants need a reminder if the challenge is still active? Or, if the challenge is over, it might mean it was a bit too difficult for them and they didn’t have enough time to complete it.

Find out which participants you should follow up with

If some participants got less than 30% answers correct, we’ll prompt you to follow up with them. These insights will help you to personalize teaching for students who haven’t mastered the content yet and make sure no one is left behind. Some days later, you can resend the challenge – with randomized answers – to these players and see if their performance improved after they’ve spent more time working with this topic.

Flag topics or questions for reteaching

By looking at the list of the most difficult questions, you can easily identify which topics need additional reteaching or reinforcement. This new feature makes Kahoot! reports even more powerful for formative assessment.

New detailed reports in app

On top of that, the Reports section of the app scored some additional improvements that go along with the detailed reports:

  • Your own results as a player and reports on kahoots you hosted are now separated from each other so that you can easily find the data you need;
  • When you’re looking at the leaderboard, you can use the new sorting options to choose whether you’d like to see players ranked by their scores, number of correct answers or percentage of completion of a kahoot;
  • In the Accuracy section of a report, you can sort questions by the share of correct answers (well, accuracy), rather than just by question number.

A few of our ambassadors who LOVE trying out new features helped us test the new reports, and we were thrilled to read their feedback. For example, here’s what teacher Tom Arntson said:

“This is a GREAT idea and one that will be very helpful to teachers! The more data we have on how to help those students who are not learning what we want them to know, the easier it will be to target what it is they need reinforced. I look forward to using this with my students!”

In addition to teachers, the new reports will also be handy for business trainers who’d like to track knowledge retention in their session and maximize content mastery.

To unlock detailed reports, you’ll need to upgrade to Kahoot! for schools if you’re a teacher, or Kahoot! for businesses if you’re a trainer. You can do so on our website, or right in the app: you’ll be prompted when you’re navigating the Reports section.

Let’s turn that shiny new data into action!