Is a smartphone a helper or a distraction in class?

We believe that with the right approach, based on good understanding of students’ habits and behavior, phones can become powerful learning companions. They can enable a richer learning experience, get students more engaged, and help them develop 21st century skills, such as creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

However, there are many who would go for the other answer alternative to the question above. Phones can be seen as a distraction and productivity threat for students. What’s most frustrating though, is that this leads to thinking that banning phones from classrooms is the only solution in this case. Last year, France banned smartphones and tablets at school to deal with “screen addiction”. Now, politicians in the UK are discussing a similar policy.

In an in-depth article on The Next Web, one of our co-founders Jamie Brooker shares his thoughts on why banning phones would be a step backwards for education.

Read the full article on The Next Web and find out….

  • how Kahoot! got students to look up from their phone screens and use them for interaction;
  • why we need to ask for students’ input to find the best way to integrate any tech in class;
  • how students and teachers will benefit from phones, if they’re used in a smart way, backed by pedagogical and behavioral thinking;
  • what specific steps Jamie suggests to turn phones into personal learning companions.

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