Since Kahoot! Certified for schools’ original launch last year, thousands of teachers of awesome have participated. Now, we’re proud to announce the program is returning – in a big way!

The essential Kahoot! Certified for schools has three core tiers – beginner (Bronze), intermediate (Silver) and advanced (Gold). You’ll start with Bronze, then progress to the next level, by taking a quiz assignment with the Kahoot! app. If successful, you’ll receive a time-stamped certificate (in order to claim professional learning credits), a digital badge, and be able to progress to the next level.

The program is designed with busy educators in mind. Our snappy, fun video tutorials and downloadable, visual PDF guides means you’re in control of your learning! No need to wait around for a lesson at a specific time, or put reminders in the calendar.

New advanced certification courses

What’s more, we’re excited to launch a series of brand new, free courses – Advanced certification. These are standalone courses that explore deeper use cases of Kahoot!, and tactics to apply them in your classroom or school right away. Advanced certification courses can be taken at any time, in any order, with many being delivered by our awesome educator Ambassadors.

Each course comes with visual PDF guides and a video guide similar to what you get in the essential Kahoot! Certified for schools courses.


Ambassador and educator Jack Quinn explains how you can apply data-driven instruction with Kahoot! in your classroom to improve student performance.


Ambassador and educator Amber McCormick invites us to her class and instructs on how to master kahoots with the Play Again feature (formerly known as Ghost mode). Play again is a fun way for students to learn through repetition and competition with others.


Ambassador and educator Steve Auslander explains how you can easily break down classroom barriers and connect with other teachers and students across the world, by learning and playing Kahoot! together. We call these connected kahoots.


We explore the principles of spacing and testing learning techniques, and how to apply these with your students via our Smart Practice feature, which is all about improving knowledge retention and acing content.

Get certified now!

Get officially Kahoot! Certified now or try out the brand new Advanced Certification courses!