Looking for new ways to engage students with learning content? Get ready to change your Kahoot! game! Don’t miss out on our new question types and game options that will give you more control over game dynamics.

Being able to mix different question types has been one of the most popular feature requests – and the wish has been granted! By combining quiz questions with slides, polls and puzzles, not only can you make your game more captivating for students, but also teach a whole lesson with your kahoot and deepen learning.

Also, we’ve added new game options to help you adjust dynamics throughout the game, depending on the topic, complexity of questions, and goals of your kahoot:

Customize points in each question

Raise the stakes or add a bonus question with double points, or give learners a little break in the game by toggling off points (the latter might be especially relevant if you’re creating kahoots for special education or teaching younger learners). This feature is available in all plans.

Give learners more time to think

If you’d like to give your students more time to think through difficult questions, you can now choose the new 4-minute timer option (available in all plans). Especially handy for advanced math questions!

Sharpen focus with image reveal

Images are known to make kahoot questions even more engaging. Take it one step further! By using image reveal in a question (available in Pro and Premium), you can build anticipation or gradually give learners little hints that they need to pay close attention to.

Here’s a recap on our new question types and where they can be useful. Have you tried them yet?

Puzzle it out!

In a puzzle, players need to place answer alternatives in the right order. It’s a great way to get students more focused and test deeper understanding, as accuracy matters more than ever! For example, you can use this question type to build math equations, arrange letters into a word or words into a sentence, sort dates by chronological order, and more.

Long-time Kahoot!’ers might remember this feature as Jumble, which used to be a standalone game type. We renamed Jumble to puzzle to make it easier to understand for learners of any age around the world, in different contexts. This feature is included in our Pro and Premium plans for schools.

Test attention with a true/false question

This question type gives you a quick and easy way to assess initial understanding or check how well students are paying attention. With the answer options pre-populated, it only takes seconds to add a question, and, when playing, seconds to activate students. This feature is included in all our plans for schools.

Explain and give more context with slides

Time to take a deep breath, look up and learn! Using slides, you can add text, an image or a video between questions to provide additional explanation and give more context to a question, introduce a new topic, or present info needed to answer the next question. Slides are available in Pro and Premium.

Do a quick pulse-check with a poll

At any point in your kahoot, you can run a quick poll (included in Pro and Premium subscription) to collect feedback, check how students feel about the game and how well they understood the content.

Have you tried these new questions and game options? What do you and your students think? Tweet @getkahoot and let us know!