In a puzzle, players need to place answer alternatives in the right order. It’s a great way to change dynamics in class, get students more focused and test deeper understanding, as accuracy is king here! After a round when competition got extra heated, puzzle works like a charm to regain concentration.

How to play puzzle

This question type is a hot hit with language teachers, but there are many other ways to use it in other subjects, too! Dive in for examples of questions to get inspired.

Language learning

Puzzle questions are often used as an interactive language learning activity to practice spelling, vocabulary and grammar for students of different ages. You can use this question type to:

  • Unscramble letters or syllables to build words
  • Rearrange words into a sentence
  • Place adjectives in the correct order


Here are some examples to illustrate how puzzle can be applied to math kahoots:

  • Sort numbers in ascending or descending order – a nice activity for younger learners!
  • Form equations – the complexity can be adjusted depending on the grade you’re teaching
  • Put math formulas in the correct order


Similar to math formulas, the same approach to puzzles can be used in kahoots you create in science class. Also, it’ll work great for any type of questions where learners need to sort items by size, volume, weight or other parameter – from simple things such as size of animals and distance between planets and the sun, to more advanced topics such as chemical reaction rates and physical processes.

History and social studies

Puzzle is a great match for questions related to chronological order or duration of specific events, which makes it handy for history kahoots. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out these examples to fuel your creativity:

  • Put the following events in chronological order
  • Arrange the following US presidents in order of their service
  • Sort these 19th century monarchs by duration of their rule
  • Sort these languages by number of their speakers in the US
  • Find the right sequence of steps in a presidential election


In geography kahoots, puzzles can be helpful to test students’ knowledge of distance, population, location (e.g., rearrange cities from west to east), and more – you name it!

The best way to master puzzle is to try it in action, so it’s time for you to get hands-on! This quick tutorial explains how you add a puzzle question:

Also, make sure to check out our puzzle template to get more inspiration for using this question type in your kahoot!

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