Experts predict that by 2030, only 9% of the workforce will be employees who work from the office full-time. Has the remote work trend affected your company yet? If your employees are spread across different offices, often work from home or spend a lot of time on the go, you’ll certainly need to fine-tune how you can engage with them.

Learn how you can extend the live game experience and reach remote employees with Kahoot!’s challenge feature.

What is a Kahoot! challenge?

A challenge is a self-paced game with questions and answers displayed on the player’s mobile device or computer. Learners complete this game at their own pace, within the allocated time. Though played remotely, it’s still a competition with its own leaderboard, adding some extra motivation. You can track progress in real time while the challenge is on.

Why use Kahoot! challenges?

Here’s how Kahoot! challenges help increase learning impact:

  • Challenges extend the live game experience, making engagement last
  • Trainees get flexibility to complete training anytime, anywhere
  • Grab the attention of those busy bees who are always on the go
  • Use challenges to complement or reinforce content from your in-person training
  • Gamify onboarding, letting new employees consume training content at their own pace
  • With visual game reports, it’s easy to track progress and assess how much knowledge is retained

The most common use case for challenges is remote training when participants are spread across different locations. For example, Richard Bodo, Kärcher Director of Training, said: “having the ability to send a Kahoot! challenge to sales reps, service technicians, and dealers who are thousands of miles apart makes Kahoot! an invaluable way to educate and get feedback.”

How to send a Kahoot! challenge to your trainees

You can assign a challenge both from your computer and your phone using our mobile app:

  1. Open a kahoot and hit the Challenge button. In our mobile app, tap Play and Challenge friends.
  2. Set the deadline by when the trainees should complete the challenge.
  3. Copy the challenge URL or PIN and share it with your trainees, for example, by email, or on the platform you use for internal comms.
  4. Trainees play the challenge on their mobile devices or computers, and they don’t need a paid Kahoot! subscription for that. We suggest you agree in advance whether you’d like them to use their real names or if nicknames are fine.
  5. Track challenge results in Reports section or right in the app to assess learning impact and pinpoint questions that need following up.

Ready to challenge your trainees? Game on! Get started with Kahoot! for business today.