Parents all over the world are turning to homeschooling for the foreseeable future and looking for apps and tools that will supercharge learning at home through fun and entertainment. Learning apps from the Kahoot! family have been featured in several reviews and publications as go-to apps for parents who are looking for quality tools to engage their children with learning at home.

Apple recently featured the Kahoot! app and DragonBox Numbers in their app collection for remote learning for institutions and educators as well as in their list of apps to learn and study from home.

In his article titled “11 great games to educate and entertain your kids at home”, Scott Gilbertson from Wired recommends DragonBox math and chess apps as games that are “edutaining” – fun games that also teach something but in a way your kids probably won’t notice.

In this comprehensive guide from the New York Times titled “How to homeschool during coronavirus”, Katharine Hill provides families some resources to help them manage the sudden demand of at-home learning. For math, she recommends DragonBox which “provides engaging and colorful math games for preschool and elementary levels.” She says it covers important concepts and has useful parent advice. Previously Kit Eaton of the New York Times has called DragonBox as “the most impressive math education app I’ve seen.”

The Guardian recently called Kahoot! “not a traditional game but a website and app for playing creating, sharing multiple-choice trivia quizzes… about pretty much any topic” in their article titled: “25 best video games to help you socialize while self-isolating.” The author has been casting the quizmaster’s phone to the TV screen and getting everyone to play on their phones. The article calls Kahoot! “a genuinely useful tool for parents when schools close.”

Poio Learn to Read by Kahoot! was called “a kid-centered early reading game that leans into discovery and delight” in its review by Common Sense Education. Sandy Wisenski described the app: “Poio learn to read does two admirable and often rare things in the world of early learning games: It lets kids control the place and allows learning to be a byproduct of play. A lot of other early learning games can get bogged down in instructional detail, but Poio puts the focus squarely on fun and joy.”

With our family of apps, we’re committed to making learning awesome at home. By engaging into an interactive game experience, kids learn on their own without even realizing it, while having fun along the way. Learn more about our family of learning apps and download them in the App Store or Google Play.