We are excited to announce today that Kahoot! is extending its toolset of learning apps by launching the U.S. version of the learn-to-read app Poio. Poio joins educational math studio DragonBox as part of Kahoot!’s unified brand that makes learning at home awesome and fun for millions of children.

With the recent surge of remote learning and educational gaming tools at home, this couldn’t be a better time to offer Poio in the U.S. alongside DragonBox and Kahoot! for children and their parents to learn at home.

Learning at home with Poio

Poio is an immersive game designed for children aged three to eight to learn how to read through play and exploration. The game is so intuitive that they can practice without the need for support from parents or teachers, which makes it a perfect tool for learning at home.

Here’s what Joanne Sains, mother and teacher, said about Poio after testing it out with her four-year-old son:

“Using Poio is an entirely different approach as it doesn’t require me to make-up a game in order to interest my child. Poio is intuitive and can be accessed even by younger children. The gameplay is fast and very responsive. The learning is incidental and that’s what makes Poio unique”.

The app is developed together with educators in order to blend adventurous play with a large amount of phonics training that children get exposed to constantly. By putting play first and making the learning a byproduct of playing, the game triggers children’s curiosity and motivation to practice spelling and phonetics on their own.

The story-based game adapts to each child’s skill level so all children can enjoy learning the fundamentals of reading at their own pace. While the child is progressing through the game, parents receive email reports to keep track of their child’s achievements.

Poio is already being used by more than 100,000 parents in Europe to help their children crack the reading code and therefore we are very happy that now parents in the U.S. and everywhere else can do the same.

What is DragonBox?

DragonBox is a collection of five math-based learning apps, each of them offering a unique experience that is interactive and engaging to give children a powerful digital learning experience.

The apps cover a wide range of math topics that go from foundation math for young kids (DragonBox Numbers) to Algebra (DragonBox Algebra). DragonBox is internationally recognized for its innovative and engaging games, as they go beyond practicing equations to help children visualize counting and numbers and learn basic math functions on their own.

DragonBox is developed by a committed and passionate group of educational experts, teachers, game developers, cognitive scientists, writers and artists – many of whom are parents, too.

So try out these apps to teach your child the importance of numbers during Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month in April!

Where can you find these learning apps?

Have a look at DragonBox’s collection of math apps here, and learn more about Poio here.

The Poio, DragonBox and Kahoot! apps are all available for download on both in the App Store and Google Play worldwide.